ministry Values

These values are adapted from Gospel Care Collective in conjunction with Association of Biblical Counselors, and describes the heart behind our counseling and care ministries.


We do not offer a system or a three step process for change but a person, a Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Through his life, death, resurrection, and ascension Jesus has forever dealt with our sin and perfectly shown the depths of God’s love for His children. God redeems and restores us back into right relationship with Himself, others, and the world through union with Christ. This Gospel reality – relational and eternal – shapes the change process and is foundational to our approach.


We seek to interpret the human experience (body and soul) through the lens of the comprehensive biblical story. We provide care through the foundation and lens of Scripture while utilizing common grace findings of research and psychology to inform our methods of care.


 God has purposed us to be formed and shaped in the context of a caring and consistent community. Therefore, when possible and appropriate, we aim to do everything in connection with the local church. 


Our ultimate desire is that our care would culminate in whole-hearted, spiritually vibrant disciples who begin to live to bring Gospel renewal to their communities and world. We also see the great need within our communities for healing and care for the ongoing impact of mental-illness and brokenness. We believe the gospel offers great hope spiritually and practically as we seek the wholeness of our communities.

Our counselors

Alex is married to Jessy and they have 3 children (Ezra, Elisha, and Elias).  He is the lead and founding pastor of Sola City Church in Gainesville, GA. He loves Atlanta sports, books, coffee, and living an active lifestyle. Over the last few years, he has developed a passion in the areas of spiritual formation and care.
Alex brings over a decade of pastoral counseling experience. He has received certification and training as a biblical counselor with the Association of Biblical Counselors as well as pursuing certification as a level 1 Christian Trauma Care Provider through CTHN. It is one of his greatest joys to be able to enter in to others’ lives and stories as they encounter the life transformative power of Christ.
Over the years, he has gained invaluable experience walking with individuals through marriage & family issues, unwanted sexual behaviors, depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief.
What to Expect

redemptive-Narrative focus

We long to listen and help you connect your unique story to God’s greater story.  We will spend a lot of time focusing on your life and what we can learn from our experiences as we locate the power and presence of God in our lives.


Our hope for our time with our clients is always working out the truth of "Christ in you, the hope of glory (Col. 1:27)." The gospel is not an abstract belief that just gets you into heaven. The Holy Spirit works in our lives in particular micro-moments throughout our days.
We focus on specific gospel application to everyday issues of life with simple strategies for help. 


Because we are embodied souls, marred by suffering and sin, our bodies have an effect on our hearts. Anchored in the Scriptures and aided by research, our counseling considers the effects of the body upon the soul, and creates a plan for healing based on individual’s story and situation with our ultimate goal being redemptive, heart transformation. You can expect to experience an approach that seeks to engage with God through our minds, emotions, and bodies - the whole of our human experience.