mission week 1.png
If Jesus is truly with us, then, by God’s grace, lets unify ourselves around the Gospel and by the Spirit of God devote our lives to making much of him with every moment.
offices week 2.png
In the person of Jesus, we have the source, the means, and the example for how to lay our lives down for one another.

offices week 1.png
Biblically qualified, local-church elders are one way that God builds a healthy local church.

Church Life.png
The Gospel will sound forth to the watching world with power as God’s people, together, speak of Him and make him known by the fragrance of their lives.

Values week 3.png

Values week 2.png
Paul’s purpose for prayer in the church is godliness among God’s people and the advancement of God’s mission.

Values week 1.png
Sound Doctrine is teaching that accords with the Gospel of the Glory of the Blessed God leading the church to stewardship from God that is by Faith.

Foundations Week 1.png
Christ is, himself, the church’s Savior.