Foundation Document

Sola City Church has adopted the Gospel Coalition Foundation Document for an exhaustive understanding of the core of our beliefs. See the link below for access to this document.


Theological Distinctives

While we have adopted the Gospel Coalition’s Foundation Document for a clear and exhaustive understanding of our doctrine, we have a few theological distinctives that more fully encompass our theology and provide clarity on the spirit of our doctrinal confessions:

We are Gospel-centered in that we believe in the centrality and sufficiency of the Gospel for all of life. We believe sanctification is the process of growing IN the Gospel opposed to growing BEYOND the Gospel.  
We are reformed in that we believe in a robust, God-centered theology.  
We are missional in that we believe in the church scattered, where the church conducts normal day-to-day activities underneath the unifying purpose of sharing the Gospel to the nations. Our programs and initiatives are tailored to equip lay Gospel ministry for all members. 
We are complementarian in that we believe that men and women have equal but distinct roles in the home and in the church. 
We are continuationists in that we believe in a continuationist theology of the Holy Spirit and the biblical dispensation of spiritual gifts described therein. We believe that these are gifts distributed to the body as He sees fit, and are to be used for the building up of the body. Though we pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit and earnestly seek the higher gifts, we know that His primary ministry is through holiness in our daily lives as we take hold of the Gospel through faith. 
We believe in believer’s baptism in that we teach and practice believer's baptism by immersion. 
We believe in the regular partaking of the Lord’s Supper as the sacrament is central to Christian life and worship.