The Praise of Man or The Praise of God?

In my personal study of God's word for the last couple of months, I've been on a search through scripture for the revealed identity of God. Its obvious that the entirety of scripture reveals His identity, but I've been drawn to a deeper longing to know Him. It has altered my prayer life. It has heightened my awareness of the Sovereignty, Majesty,  character and attributes of the King whom I love and serve. It has also painted a clearer picture of who He is and who I am. This stark contrast is both convicting and encouraging as I'm being filled with gratitude for His imputed righteousness given to me.  

As I battle sin, it's been good for me to remember afresh that all the weaponry I posess belongs to Him, and my first maneuver must be to put on Christ. As I ask Him to reveal the deep roots of sin that have a firm grip on my life, He has been faithful to do so. One issue is my desire for the praise of man and self exaltation. It reeks of egotistical glory robbing of God. I despise it but the flesh longs for it. I think there are many things that help facilitate this mindset. One is the misconception that" I'm solid". It's a noble and honorific label that esteems one as truly following the master. I know that the intention of it when ascribed to a follower of Jesus is good. It's the recognition from one who believes he is truly following Christ, toward another follower that he believes is doing the same. But there are some things to consider, not only in the label,  but also the concept. Who is the one that deserves honor here? After all I really am anything but solid. Things like my heart, my mind, my pride of life, my lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, my self promotion, my self absorption, my agenda, my jealousy, my insecurities, my covetousness, my weakness, my angling of success toward myself, etc., don't really deserve honor do they? Though one time sanctification and continual change are in place, and I  desire to maintain a reputable standing with brothers and sisters, I'm still only a product of the One who has, and is, doing this work. That description of falable self, which is battling for it's non existent rights, only sets me up to rob the praise of God, as I distort such praise of man.

There is but One who is worthy, who gave himself up for me, who denied His rights for me, who took my shame, who was anything but glorified by most on His day of death. He is the only one who is worthy of the term solid. His Word says that He is the rock; He is the firm foundation; He is the chief cornerstone; He is the rock of offense; He is the tested stone; He is the spiritual rock; He is the living stone; He is the choice stone; He is the precious corner. He truly is the only One who may be deemed solid.

So, judged on these criteria, if a follower of the Solid Rock is to be described as "solid," then where does that leave me? I think a better description for me might be one who recognizes he is needy for Christ's solidity.


Love in Christ,

Jody Roughton

Jody, Jake, and Emily Roughton are very dear to Sola City Church. Being sent out from the church to take the Gospel to the unreached, Jody is currently serving on mission in South Asia where he is learning the local language and seeking the Lord's guidance for how he can most effectively share the Gospel in the area.

You can follow their ministry on our website under International Partnerships.