Church Planting - Sola City Church

Jesus is building His church. This truth has become more and more evident as each day passes, each conversation occurs, and each life is transformed by His grace. As we have labored over the past few years here in Gainesville, it has become increasingly clear that the Lord is calling our small Christian community to the work of church planting. We have felt this for years, but have wanted to lay our desires and ambitions aside and simply ask,

      "Lord, are you calling us to plant a church in Gainesville? If so, we are in. If not, make it clear."

As each salvation passed and each person became more assimilated into our church and community, we heard and experienced a calling and desire to step out into the long and hard work of church planting.

     For the record, We don't know what we are doing. Fresh out of seminary, I feel more prepared to write a paper than preach a sermon. But the good news is the builders labor in vain unless the Lord builds the house. All we are bringing to the table is our need for him. We don't know what works and what doesn't. That's part of the beauty of it. We just see our need for Him. We see our failures and are enthralled by His sufficiency. We see our sin and are captivated by our Savior. We don't have it together and we know we don't. But we are confident in Christ, and that's enough.

I know many people have expressed interest in what we are doing. Now is the time for those conversation to increase as you ask yourself how God is leading you to be a part. Below is a list of questions that will help provide clarity on our church as well as ways you can partner with us:

- What is the church called?

     Our church is called Sola City Church. Below is a brief description of the two words:

     Sola - Sola is a Latin word rooted in the Reformation when the church recovered the essential doctrines of Evangelical Christianity. Sola means "alone" as in the Gospel alone is sufficient for all of life.

     City - City is strategic in that the heartbeat of our ministry activities is rooted in a ministry vision for our city, Gainesville. We believe that God loves cities because He loves people. Our Sunday gatherings will be downtown off the square and the bulk of ministry will occur within a 1-mile radius of the Gainesville Square because that is where the majority of city activity occurs.

- What do you believe as a church?

          Please visit for for a more detailed look at our beliefs as a church.

- How many are in your core team and what is the makeup of the group?

     We have 20 adults + children. Our group is predominantly young married couples, young families, and singles. God's grace has been poured out on us in a strategic way in that we are ethnically and culturally diverse. The cultural makeup of our core team is very similar to the makeup of our city (40% white, 40% Hispanic, 20% Black). This helps us better do ministry as we labor for transculturalism and multiculturalism among our congregation (involving, encompassing, and combining elements of more than one culture into one unified body of believers).

-Are you affiliated with any church planting organizations?

     We are affiliated with North American Mission Board and Cor 3:6 at the moment.

-What is the immediate way that I can be a part?

     We desire for people to join the work that God has begun in Gainesville. One of the most fruitful ways that you can partner is to join our team. If you are interested in attending one of our worship services or simply attending a community group in the city, email us at With that said, we are beginning monthly gatherings starting this month. Here, you will be able to connect with other members, pray with us, read scripture with us, and explore what it may look like for you to be a part of what God is doing here in Gainesville through Sola City. 

     You can also partner with us by praying. There are many areas that we desire to see breakthrough in our city. As we labor in the trenches in ministry on a daily basis, we know that prayer is used to enact God's will, or pointedly said, prayer molds us to God's will. Please email for more details on how you can pray.     

     You can also partner with us financially. Please email for more details.

-What are our needs?

     Our major need at this moment is prayer. We are desperate for the Holy Spirit to move in a way that we have never experienced. We gathered last night in our family room to read, study, and pray, and the expectancy that we had for Jesus to move was tangible. We do not want to take one step if the Lord has not gone before us.

     Another need we have is for older couples to step out in faith and join the work that God is doing. We believe that we will be more effective in ministry if we continue to develop a demographic in membership over 35 years old that bring years of seasoned wisdom to the church and its ministries. If God is leading you in this way, please email

-What is the next event that we could attend to hear more about the church?

     This Sunday night at 6pm we are hosting the first of our monthly gatherings as a church. Here, we will gather to fellowship with each other, join with each other in worship through song, hear more of the vision of Sola City Church, and explore how we can spread the supremacy of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our city and beyond.

     We are believing that these monthly gatherings will give us momentum for our public launch in the Fall.

     If you would like to join us this Sunday, we will be meeting at 6pm at the Lodge on Lakewood Baptist Church Campus.    

Please email for more details.

We desire to do God's work, in God's way, for God's Glory. I say it often with our group,"We can manufacture something in our city that is truly commendable. We can gather lots of people and see much good done in our community. But unless the Lord empowers us to do His Gospel ministry, we will never reap any spiritual and eternal fruit."

Let's press in to Jesus together.


Alex Gailey

Lead Pastor & Planter

Sola City Church