Thanksgiving - A Foretaste of Eternity


Whether its Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another holiday during the year everybody looks forward to these moments: waking up to the smells of sweet potato casserole cooking in the oven, naps and relaxation following the Turkey meal. Its such a joyful time of celebration and reflection on the good found in fellowship and family.

Thanksgiving is a time that is anticipated for weeks leading up to the day. Excitement fills us as we anticipate the climax of being in closest fellowship with those we love and cherish the most.

For others, though, it serves as a reminder of the brokenness in their own family as they read the endless Facebook posts that describe others’ moments and memories being made around a table.They sit and ponder on what could have been in their own families and friend circles.

Regardless of how great your Thanksgiving may seem to be, though, it is no more than the first sip of wine that fills endless barrels in heaven. The love, thankfulness, and celebration is a taste of eternal pleasures that we are destined for. Our future in heaven is a never-ending holiday moment - where God forever reminds us of what we have in His Son Jesus, and the celebration and worship never ceases. 

We will literally sit with one another and ponder how the Lord restored the fortunes of His people. And it will develop in us a thankfulness that we can never fully express though our lives will be an endless pursuit to express it. We will see the face of Jesus and see the full joy of God, and then we will be made joyful-the kind of joy that you have when you taste that perfectly cooked turkey for the first time, or the joy that you may feel when you see that family member that you have not seen for months or even years. And just as we gather around the table and tell of things we are thankful for now, new and old, we will gather with the saints in heaven to tell of the beauty of the trinity as we experience it anew with each passing moment.

Moments like Thanksgiving were never meant to be temporal in nature, but to point us to a true reality of eternity with a gracious heavenly Father. So, as the holiday seasons begin, let us clearly see the most glorious story of God in the Gospel as the most valuable and precious thing in our lives.

Get ready. If you think you enjoy turkey, then imagine the tastes at the Wedding Feast to come.

Alex Gailey