The Passion of Jesus Main.png
The most pressing question in your life is “How am I, a sinner, to be reconciled to God?” And that question is clearly answered on the Cross.

Treasuring Jesus Until the End Main.png
If God is omnipresent, and Jesus is God, then every moment for the christian is an opportunity to treasure Jesus.

Parable of the Tenants Main.png
The Cross and the Resurrection should inspire awe and wonder.

The Values of Jesus Main.png
The Gospel offers us hope of a selfless, sacrificial, beautiful, hospitable, love-filled future.

Jesus, the Christ Main.png
Our lives hinge on how we respond to Jesus’ question to Peter, ‘Who do you say that I am?’

The Irreligion of Jesus Main.png
In our culture, we are tempted regularly to trade the REAL Jesus for a counterfeit jesus.

The Resurrected Jesus.png
Paul’s Christianity was so impactful to normal, everyday life that He said ‘Christians’ are the most to be pitied if the resurrection is not true.

The Triumphant King Jesus.png
Jesus’ overwhelming, total sovereignty is not grounds to stumble, but grounds to rejoice.

The Compassion of Jesus
If Jesus, in his fatigue, looked upon the crowds with compassion, even more so, in his eternal rest at the Father’s right hand, will He look upon us with the same affection.

Jesus the Sovereign Main.png
Jesus’ eagerness to go with Jairus proves to us His eagerness to enter in to our darkest moments; He wants to be with you. The Sovereign of the universe desires to busy Himself with the lowest parts of your life, as He leads you beside the still waters.

The Parable of the Sower
If, in Jesus, you do not see a vision of God worth your life, then you will not endure through suffering.

The Family of Jesus
In Jesus, we can experience the relational beauty of the Trinity: where we are freed from our selfishness to freely give ourselves in relationship for the good of others and the glory of His Name.

Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath.png
Jesus, as He heals the man on the Sabbath and gives freedom to His disciples to pick heads of grain from a field, shows His opponents that He is Lord, even of the Sabbath....Because Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, we can experience in Him true Sabbath rest.

The Ultimate Authority of Jesus Main Slide.jpg
Revival for Sola City Church is when our profession of Jesus comes in line with our experience of Jesus.

The Call to Follow Jesus.png
If Jesus is the Son of God, you can lay down your life to follow Him.

The Gospel of God.png
The beauty of Jesus is seen in the beauty of the church as she lays down her life for the sake of the Gospel.